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Colorado Springs.

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Baker and King Security Services is  veteran owned and operated. We are a security guard service company in Colorado Springs that offers the best in full-range private protection services. It was founded in 2014 by veteran security professionals James Baker and Marcus King.


Armed & Unarmed Security 

Hospitals & Medical Facilities 

Universities & Educational Centers

Office & Commercial Buildings

Retail & Shopping Centers

Construction Companies

Government Agencies

Residential Complexes

Garages & Parking Lots

Special Events



And More

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Baker & King full security team


Baker and King Security Officers have thousands of hours of real-world experience in security operations in every type of environment. Their extensive experience includes everything from event security to personal body guarding to war-zone protection and tactical guidance. We routinely conduct high-risk, protective operations during periods of rest or travel. We provide surveillance detection, route surveillance, and mission planning for all protective operation missions. All of our officers are experts in the operation, qualification, and maintenance of multiple weapons systems.


Additionally, our team members possess high-levels of experience and proficiency in defusing high stress scenarios, problem solving without the need for kinetic engagement, and escalating or deescalating conflict as needed.

Let us show you why we have maintained 98.7% customer retention over the years.